Vissa kallar det “multitasking”

Ur Cluetrain Manifesto:

Humans can’t multitask – we can’t pay attention to two things simultaneously.

You can multitask? Fine. Then read a book and write one at the same time. No, multitasking is really just rapid attention-switching. And that’d be a useful skill, except it takes us a second or two to engage in the new situation we’ve graced with our focus. So, the sum total of attention is actually decreased as we multitask. Slicing your attention is less like slicing potatoes than like slicing plums: you always lose some of the juice.
David Weinberger


Det gäller på jobbet men även privat: idag såg jag tre olika pappor tappa tre olika barn i marken under mindre än femton minuter, alla knappade på sina telefoner.

  • klas

    Per du är min livsguide! (eller i alla fall någon som jag kan nicka instämmande med 🙂