Jun 09

Nio sätt att förvara jordgubbar

Jordgubbarna som behövde hjälp

Hur förvarar man bäst jordgubbar? Jag var lite osäker och ställde frågan på Aardvark (tidigare post om Aardvark):

Best way to keep strawberries fresh? fridge? Room temperature?

På 30 minuter fick jag de här nio svaren:

Don’t wash them until you are ready to use them, and store them in a plastic container w/ a paper towel under them to absorb moisture. hope this helps!


I grow them in my kitchen garden and they way my mom keeps them fresh is puts them into a bown of water where they are half dipped and then keeps them in the room temperature (23 to 25 degrees) but if its hot and the strawberries are quite ripe then the same bowl with half dipped strwaberries should be kept in fridge

my family has always refrigerated them but that’s not to say it’s the best, it’s just what my mom seems to think is the best

You should wash the strawberries, and put then in a container lined with a paper towel, close the container and put it in the fridge.

Strawberries are just supposed to be refrigerated, and when you are ready to eat them, wash them first

Best way is to eat them right away! If you’re looking for longer-term storage, single-layer on a cookie sheet in the freezer, then a sealed container (zip-lock bag or something similar) after they’re frozen all the way through. Within a day or two, I would go cool and dark, and keep them covered (to keep bacteria away – They love strawberries as much as you do!).

Keep them in the fridge. They are best spread out in a closed container. When they touch, mold can grow more easily and having a closed container will keep them from shriveling up.

well .. lining your bowl with paper towel before storing your strawberries in the fridge might help. Also, putting it in a paper bag, fill it up with as much as as you can before you tie it and fridge it might help. Alternatively, just eat them all as soon as you buy you buy them 🙂

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